CPAG - End the education levy

Posted by on 18 April 2016

A new report by CPAG Scotland Cost of the School Day Report highlights the

cost of attending school and learning for young people in Glasgow.  

In addition to the costs of equipment, uniforms, and lunches the report highlights the effects of the costs of travel to and from school, and for school trips.

"Children and young people's attendance and their participation in after school activities and learning support can be affected by routes which involve lengthy journeys, high costs or reliance on school transport" emphasising the need for free school transport, the continuation of the Education Maintenance Allowance to help with costs, lunchtime study clubs for those unable to stay after school, and additional after school transport to allow after school participation.  

CPAG Scotland is calling for poverty proofing of education policies to ensure equal access to opportunities, regardless of income, and for the next Scottish parliament to end the learning levy. 




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