Guyana - Boats buses and bikes

Posted by Sian on 30 March 2016

I would think that many people in the UK have heard of demerara (as in sugar!) but few could point to where it comes from - Guyana.   Guyana is a small country on the north coast of South America, but it's caught my attention as it is taking school transport 


The country's president David Granger had already established a scheme called pledged to add two more Bs to his “Boats, Buses and Bicycles” to make sure that pupils can get to school irrespective of where they live.  Now he has added two more Bs -  books and breakfast recognising their importance in education. 

It reminded me of RAB Butler's aspirations for education in the mid 1940 - with the introduction of free school meals, school milk, school nurses and free school transport - when it was recognised that achieving in education was more than just about teaching. 

For more about Guyana's school transport initiative: Guyana's school transport initiative

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