Save School (and College) Buses

Posted by on 1 June 2016

The loss of school transport affects all of us.  In the last few years local authorities - particularly rural authorities in England - have been making radical changes to school transport policies, resulting in 300,000 fewer young people receiving school transport. This equates to an extra 100 million car journeys made each year, mainly at peak times.  Cuts to school and college transport mean increasing traffic and congestion, worsening air quality particularly around schools, and hardship.  Many parents and students are struggling to find the extra money - which can run into hundreds of pounds - to pay for fares.


So far it has been those travelling to faith schools or those aged 16+ in rural areas who have borne the brunt of cuts, but more changes are planned and are increasingly likely to affect young people with special needs.


The Campaign for Better Transport is encouraging support to save our schol and college buses.  Sign up: Tell Your Council Save Our School and College Buses

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