Benchmarking and management

Delivering value for money, ensuring best value and improving efficiency are key aims of local authorities.  We hold 20 years of data on home to school travel provision in the UK, and a wide range of international data on school transport provision – including standards, expenditure, provision and issues/trends. We are therefore able to provide support and information to local authority and school transport providers on effective benchmarking and performance monitoring.

Having practical experience of managing school transport contracts for large shire authorities, we can provide detailed advice on route planning, effective use of IT, network reviews, operational reviews and procurement of home to school transport contracts.

A key element of ensuring value for money is coordination of passenger transport overall, and we can provide advice on the delivery of school transport in conjunction with local bus services, community transport, and social services transport.

More recently, we have been working with authorities to ensure effective demand management – ensuring that resources are targeted appropriately, and that transport needs are assessed to ensure that transport is not over specified. Such an approach has demonstrably saved 5-10%, most importantly, without compromising quality or reducing the quantity of transport provision.