Policies and standards

Effective management of home to school travel starts with well developed policies and strategies, but these must be consistently applied and enforced. School travel also needs to complement and support other local authority initiatives including:

  • Casualty reduction
  • Safeguarding
  • Local transport plans/Total Transport initiatives
  • Walking and cycling strategies
  • Inclusion, reducing NEETS and encouraging particpation
  • Healthy schools and Change 4 Life initiatives

If you are looking to review your entitlement or standards policies, we can help you with all aspects – from initial reviews of current policies and procedures, cost benefit analysis of options, to advice on implementation, commissioning/procurement, appeals and enforcement:

  • Conditions of contract for school transport services including advice on risk assessment, operator, staff and route standards including supervision and journey times
  • Prequalification/PQQ, procurement advice and contract monitoring frameworks
  • Codes of conduct for staff, parents, and young people
  • Driver and escort training programmes
  • Sustainable travel to school strategies
  • Charging policies including concessionary fare schemes, spare place charges, post 16 transport charging
  • Entitlement policies including pre-school, mainstream, low income, denominational, special needs, and 14-19, and 19+ transport policies
  • Expert witness evidence